Sunday, June 5, 2016

Auld Lang Syne Henderson Secondary School Auld Lang Syne

Alma Mater 
/ˌalmə ˈmɑːtə,ˈmeɪt-/
  1. the university, school, or college that one formerly attended, aka
     where all the magic begins 

Zhen Han and I had this discussion on when our best days were and I shared that I loved my secondary school days the most till date. It is the most significant phase of my life, perhaps that is because I built my identity then and there. 

I met my besties in primary school and all of us made each other choose the same school and tadah, we went to secondary school together. I chose my CCA based on handsome guys and after he graduated, the world turned grey shades darker. I became someone's puppy girlfriend for 3 hours, 3 days and longest was 3 months. It was fun, now to think of it , most of the time, I was the one chasing after them haha! Best foot always forward, you see. And the best part of it, I found my husband! 

I learned that I love English Literature and Art and Social Studies and I need to love Math more. A top scorer for English Literature, you should have seen my charcoal face when I had a C one time. Unlike my street smart friend, I couldn't infer the protagonist is a gay and misinterpret the massage, all thanks to my teacher who carefully selected the passage. I gotten a taste of life when I had a C6 for my Chinese Prelim and jumped-scored a A1 for my 'O' level. My childhood friend enlightened me to work smart, to tackle exam with wit and hard work. Easy peasy, she said. Can you tell I love studying? I hope you do. I hope my future kidos love to too! 

14 years down the road, it is time to say goodbye. It may not seems to some, but a school building to a teenager is her forever-turf. Because that is when she is building up herself, up against the pissed off adult world. Within the school structure, my teachers and friends are the windows, the pillars and cracks. In fact, you guys are the ones who made this fab! Thank you! 

T  H  E     E  N  D