Saturday, August 22, 2015

Road traffic accident - filing for claims

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This is a list of documents that either the work company, vehicle workplace, traffic police or personal insurance require from the insured as he/she file from claims.

Company claim:
1. Map of accident
2. Drawing of how accident happen
3. Investigation report (Get it from the hospital. It costs $5.35 at NUH medical record center. This report states the specific injures that one suffered.

Bike repair claims:
1. There are two types of claims - comprehensive and third party claims.The vehicle that was involved is a Malaysian vehicle so the claiming process is much more tedious.
2. Bike insurance report
3. Take photographs of your bike. Please take it from different angles to capture the extensive of the damage.
Please pm us if you need the contact for the bike shop that we engaged for repair and claims. They are highly recommendable.

Other important documents that you need to bring along whilst filing claims:
1. IC
2. Driving license
3. Medical bills (for personal insurance claims, please note that they would require ACTUAL medical bills)
4. Police report (A police report need to be made if you are involved in road traffic accident and you also need this report for claims) (Within the report, please include 'damages/cost incurred' that this accident caused such as helmet damage $500 as well as our Phuket trip) (Yes, did you guys realised that we did not post any photos in Phuket?)
5. Traffic police report
6. Full medical report
7. Hospitalization leave note

First picture was my mister going to the bike shop to take a look at his bike after the accident. He was quite emo that day, seeing the condition of his beloved bike. Well....I hope no one ever need to refer to this list -_-!!

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